SMM Packages

We have three packages to cover your social media (SoMe) needs from guidance to content creation and platform maintainence. Our team provides best practices for content in each platform, as well as weekly monitoring. No matter where you are in the social media journey, we are ready to assist you.

As an extension of your staff, we are avialable to fully manage everything social media related for your firm. This includes reviewing and editing content and graphics for each platform, we can create content if needed. We perform monthly analytics and custom reporting to evaluate social media performance so neccessary adjustments can be made to the strategy and/or posting schedules. 

Pick one of the following packages and 
contact us to have a discovery call about hiring us as your Trusted Partner. The chart to the right is a comparison guide for your reference (you can click it to make it bigger.)

SMM Packages:​
  • Advisor Support
  • Hands-On Support
  • Full Management

Advisor Support   

Contributing advice as to which social media (SoMe) platforms are best for your firm, understanding how your firm gathers content, sharing best practices, as well as weekly SoMe monitoring.

Providing on-call support includes answering questions, guidance with pulling reports and analytics and any other necessary support on an as-needed basis. This option is best for those that have the internal resources to manage their SoMe platforms, but need expertise related to content, graphics and reporting.
Scope includes the following:
  • Advising & Guidance
  • On-Call Support
  • ​Social Media (SoMe) Monitoring

Hands-On Support   

Beyond providing advice to the firm as to which SoMe platforms to use, how/what to post and report on SoMe, CKC will be completing the posting in addition to guiding.

Our proactive hands-on support includes monthly meetings lead by a CKC project manager. Monthly meetings will address on-going action items, completion updates and providing monthly SoMe analytics and reporting. Your project manager will also review and edit content and graphics provided by the firm prior to posting, as well as make suggestions for content, if needed.
Scope includes the items listed in the scope above in addition to the following:
  • Review/Edit Content and Graphics
  • Social Media Training
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Create Posting Schedules

Full Management

The CKC Project Manager takes on the role of Social Media Manager and integrates into the firm becoming an extension of your staff.

As an extended employee, your staff members all have direct access to the CKC project manager for all questions, requests and changes.
Scope includes the items listed in the scope above in addition to the following:
  • Strategy and Content Creation
  • Full SoMe Management   
  • CKC does the bulk of the work
  • CKC is an extension of your staff