CRM Services

  1. CRM Evaluation
    Evaluation of the systems your firm currently has in place and suggest the best fit Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. This can also include best practices and advise how to use the CRM to meet the firm's prioritized needs.
  2. CRM Implementation
    Assists or leads your CRM implementation from software selection until system is settled and in a maintenance stage. This process includes facilitation, documentation, prioritized goals with a milestone timeline and all necessary support.
  3. CRM On-Call Support
    Provides 'help-desk' support — answering questions, assistance with reports, making changes to OFA (Overall Firm Administrator) value lists or fields and any other necessary support on an 'as-need' basis.
  4. CRM Training
    Leads training sessions for users, OFA or feature specific needs including custom manuals and documentation. Training can be either in-person or remote which ever works best for your firm.
  5. CRM API Services
    Organize the efforts to create, change, update or implement an API (Application Programming Interface) connection allowing your CRM to push and/or pull data to and/or from another system.
  6. CRM Proposal Automation
    Guidance or facilitation of the CRM proposal automation to prepare targeted and accurate proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, project profiles, project lists, government forms, and other marketing collateral.
  7. CRM Advisor
    Understanding how the CRM is currently used, contributing advice for best practices, and guiding you through optimization.
  8. CRM Overall Firm Administrator (OFA)
    Offering a hand-on approach to CRM initiatives versus just guiding. When we take the role of OFA, we integrate into the firm becoming an extension of your staff with direct access to the CKC project manager for all questions, requests and changes necessary for users to effectively use the system.
  9. CRM Data Clean-up & Import
    Mining, scrubbing and cleaning data to maintain data integrity.

Other Services

  1. Data Analytics
    Using industry market data, we can perform data analysis to provide you analytics on your firms market share, historical and forecasted trends in the markets your firm is currently in or is considering entering and much more.
  2. Content Editing & Proofing
    Provides a fresh “set of eyes” and an outsiders perspective on written material from collateral, proposals, qualifications, technical writing, articles, boilerplate narratives, presentations and more; grammar and AEC jargon is in our wheelhouse. We would support the final product being uploaded and the content be entered into your CRM system.
  3. Social Media Management
    Create a plan, process and schedule for your social media with quantifiable goals and objectives so you have measurable ROI. We also manage the accounts across multiple platforms and post content. We encourage you to store and maintain content in a CRM system and use it to drive the content and posting calendar.
Jim Hemsworth
Business Development Manager Commercial / Industrial Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors
Carolyn Haldeman
Marketing Manager
Rogers-O'Brien Construction
"Courtney's complete professional abilities in leading and executing marketing initiatives. Her attention to detail, editing, schedules and quality have led to first class offerings in copy, design, and messaging to meet or exceed corporate goals."
"Outstanding work by Courtney. She is a true marketing professional. I highly recommend her for consulting services."