Small Businesses Would Boost Sales with Better CRM Tech
A CRM Daily Article
By Shirley Siluk / CRM Daily
Small business owners are missing out on the opportunity to boost sales by not embracing advanced technologies, including the cloud, artificial intelligence and new customer relationship management (CRM) tech, according to several recent studies. They're also making the mistake of believing such technologies are too complex or expensive for enterprises of their size.

For example, according to a Salesforce survey of small businesses in the U.S. with fewer than 100 employees, just 49 percent are using any kind of business process automation, while only 21 percent have adopted business analytics or business intelligence software. At the same time, however, a global survey by GoDaddy earlier this fall found that a majority of entrepreneurs -- 81 percent -- agree that technology makes it easier to start a business.​​

Looking ahead, surveys such as these suggest that small business owners will need to use more automation and cloud-based reporting applications if they want to stay competitive in the near future. 
That's because their customers are increasingly expecting them to respond quickly via the communication channels of their choice.

'Huge Opportunities To Supercharge Businesses'

"[T]here are huge opportunities for them to leverage technology to supercharge their businesses," Jamie Domenici, vice president for small business marketing, said in a statement accompanying the release of Salesforce's study. "There is a common misconception that CRM, automation and other technologies are too complex for small businesses, but in fact, they're easier to use than ever and can help them work smarter, save time and connect with their customers in new ways."
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