Benefits of Partnering with CKC

Client-Only Benefits

Train the Trainer Webinars. Once a quarter Courtney Kearney, Founder and Owner, runs a webinar to dive deep into a feature whether new or established, to review “back of house” items, to share best practices, tips and/or tricks or to train the firm’s OFA on how to train their staff on certain topics.

System Updates. We keep you up-to-date with your CRM system by providing in-depth descriptions and/or videos of new features or releases.

Website Shout-Outs. Gain additional exposure through the traffic on our website and social media platforms through our client shout-outs .

Cost Benefits

The following reflects advantages and cost analysis to hiring CKearney Consulting and outsourcing the majority of your CRM needs:
Marketing Coordinator. Commonly the task of managing client and contact information falls to the coordinator role of many marketing departments. On average, this responsibility can take up to 25-30% of their time which estimates a cost of $15,000*.

Client Experience. Increased efficiency with all client relationship information centrally located to gather present and historical information for both prospective and current clients. Achieving this makes your leadership, marketing and BD staff on average 10-15% more efficient which estimates a cost of $25,000*.

CRM Implementation Resources. Many firms dedicate a single staff member or committee of several personnel to get the system up and running. This cost can be high depending on the individual or make up of the task force. The estimated cost of a CRM Manager’s salary over a 16-week period would be $30,000*.

Total Benefit. Hiring CKearney Consulting brings you over $70,000 in cost savings and frees personnel to focus on their primary functions.

*Salary Information. The numbers used above were obtained from and are available upon request. It should be noted that these are base salary cost not the true cost of the roles mentioned above (insurance, overhead, benefits, etc. were not included).

Profitability Benefits

​The following are potential impacts to profit when hiring CKC:
Better Leads, Better Jobs. A CRM system generates qualified leads and drives tracking which increases business productivity and growth by an average of 20-25% which varies in profitability.

BD/Marketing. CRM increases marketing and sales success by providing a quantifiable platform that tracks goals and real-time analytics of results which can also vary the increase in profit.

Total Benefit. With a wide-range of potential profit increases, the total impact is hard to estimate but is beyond priceless when a CRM system is successfully launched and benefiting the business.  


  1. Courtney's abilities in leading and executing, as well as her attention to detail, editing, schedules and quality have led to first class offerings to meet or exceed corporate goals.
    Jim Hemsworth | Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors
  2. CKearney Consulting does outstanding work as true marketing professionals. I highly recommend their consulting services. I think CKC is the model consultancy firm for our industry!
    Carolyn Haldeman | Rogers-O’Brien Construction
  3. Over the years, I have referred a friends and clients to CKearney Consulting in order to outsource their marketing needs. In following up, they stated the service and product they received exceeded expectations and were extremely pleased.
    Dennis Thompson | Suffolk Construction
  4. CKC is well versed not only in Cosential, but issues that matter most to those in the construction industry. She never judges a direction, is quick to catch on to your company's preferred way of doing things, and very efficient at getting things done.
    Lindsey Smith, LEED AP, EI | Caddell Construction
  5. CKC has been instrumental in providing best practices and cutting back on time to self teach/execute during implementation. We could not have made the progress we have without the dedication and proactive/positive attitude of our CKC Project Manager.
    Melissa Blum, PMP | MGAC

Values of a Successful CRM

Client Experience. CRM helps you manage client relationships by providing one central location to gather present and historical information for both prospective and current clients.

Better Leads, Better Jobs. Successfully using a CRM system and having a clearly defined and documeted process generates more qualified leads and keeps opportunities from falling all the radar which increases business productivity and growth.

Proposal Component Automation. CRM streamlines the production of resumes, project data sheets, boilerplate narratives, and more. By using the automation features you save time and money by eliminating the resources needed to recreate documents and data mine. The errors in facts and problems with poor data integrity are solved by a CRM as well.

BD/Marketing. CRM increases marketing and sales success by providing a quantifiable platform that tracks goals and real-time analytics of results.
Access to Centralized Data. The information you gather is only valuable if the right people have access to it. Information kept in a dark corner with no-one reviewing or using it is worthless.

Categorized Data. Categorized data is required for effective output. In order to know the total number of jobs your firm has done in a certain market, all projects must be tagged with a market.

Smart Data. Smart data is digital information formatted so it can be acted upon at the collection point. When the data you collect triggers an email, a reminder or other work flows that is smart data. 

Effective and Efficient. As the repetitive effort to look for and access data decreases so does your labor efforts to share information face-to-face and in meetings. Concurrently, your efficiency and effectiveness increases as you move to digital resources. You are able to have smart data that is categorized for multi-level reporting. Saving time, saves money! Increasing efficiency, increases productivity which in turn means more money!