Time-giving Automation

The way back to meaningful marketing
Writing proposals, gathering data, updating websites ... There’s never enough hours in the day when it comes to winning and keeping clients. 

What if we learned to automate our manual and repetitive tasks that fill our to-do lists? What would happen to our productivity and profitability if streamlined processes freed up more of our time? 

Learn the time-giving power of automation and discover action items to boost efficiency and return your focus to meaningful marketing.

Streamlining processes through automation is important for personal and professional growth and exactly what this session is about. The topic of automation is important inside and outside the A/E/C industry. According to IDC Group, “not implementing a Marketing Automation solution may be the ultimate career-limiting move for today’s marketers. If you haven’t gotten started, you’re already behind the 8 ball.”

As marketers we are always striving to gain more time. We need this time to prepare proposals, craft messaging, update the website, coordinate project photography, gather project data, write content and much more. Since adding more hours to our day is not an option we need to use
the time we have differently. Streamlining processes, automating repetitive and manual tasks and jumping off the hamster wheel is what automation is how we can add hours back.

“Every aspect of marketing – from brand, experience design, and demand generation, to content marketing, analytics and measurement –is affected by technology,” as stated in the Gartner Research Study According to Scott Brinker, within large companies 81% of them now have a chief marketing technologist role, up from 71% just a year ago. Another 8% expect to add that role within the next 24 months. This role is a hybrid — “part strategist, part creative and part technologist” and “broadly the equivalent of a CTO and a CIO dedicated to marketing.”

Forrester researchers predict spending on marketing automation technology tools will reach $25.1  billion annually by 2023, up from $11.4 billion last year. That’s a 14% compound annual growth rate over the next five years.
Learner Engagement
In our hands-on workshop, we will present information first in lecture style with slides to set the stage and context of our session. Then attendees will work through the idea and concept presented with worksheets, a quiz to get your Marketing Automation Score and an interactive activity as well.

The session will flow from presentation to hands-on work then back to presentation to keep the attendees engaged and allowing them to craft their own specific takeaways for them to go back to the office and automate their processes.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn and identify what marketing automation is and what it is not
  2. Understand the phases of Marketing Automation
  3. Walk away knowing the time-giving power of automation
  4. Discover where you fall on the Marketing Automation Spectrum and how to improve
  5. Leave with tangible action items to get you back to meaningful marketing​​
Post-Conference Value
Our session will impact attendees’ ability to contribute to business success upon their return to the office by increasing their productivity and efficiency. As the repetitive effort to look for and access data decreases so does your labor efforts to share information face-to-face and in meetings. Concurrently, your efficiency and effectiveness increases as you move to digital resources. You are able to have smart data that is categorized for multi-level reporting. Saving time, saves money! Increasing efficiency, increases productivity which in turn means more money!