Together At Last
January 2018
On January 24th the entire CKearney Consulting team got to meet together, in person, for the first time ever!

The day was filled with conversation and laughter as our group of nine gathered for a team strategic planning meeting to kick-off 2018. While the words “strategic planning” may sometimes equate to hours of presentations and boredom, our day together was anything but. For us, it was good conversation, good food, good stories and fun times – we got to know our coworkers on a closer level, strengthening our bond as a team and honing our vision for the future. 

We were honored to have Brad Phillips, CEO of Beck International and CMO of domestic operations for The Beck Group, lead our group in brainstorming and discussion centered on concepts from Simon Sinek’s book Find Your Why.

Sinek shares that when we have a clearly defined “WHY” (why we do what we do), it drives passion behind our work and inspires others around us to do the same. During our session, we talked about our purpose, both as a team and as individuals, and how that relates to serving our clients.

This valuable exercise revealed new strengths and assets to help us continue delivering quality work and being trusted partners to many. Stay tuned for the role out of our WHY statement we have crafted, vetted and come to love!

After a day of exploring our passion and purpose, it was time to explore a new experience – indoor skydiving! Our team’s level of skydiving experience ranged from “I’ve done the real deal” to “I have jitters just thinking about it!”, but every single team member took the leap of faith and defied the laws of gravity in the skydiving simulation tube at iFly! 

"Facing fears and doing something adventurous was the perfect bonding experience and allowed the team to create memories to last a lifetime!" ~ Courtney Kearney, CPSM - Founder & Owner of CKC

We reflected on the day at a team dinner then said our goodbye before everyone went their separate ways across the country. Although it was sad to part, we knew we’d see everyone again soon on our weekly video conference call.

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