Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Client Case Study | Cadence McShane Construction Company

Client Case Study

“CKC has become a trusted member of my extended marketing team. Not only were they great at implementing the initial phases of our Cosential roll-out, but they continue to provide an invaluable service with constant training, recommended solutions, and complete organization of our company’s data.”
Cadence McShane hired CKearney Consulting (CKC) shortly after purchasing Cosential as their CRM solution. They chose to implement it because of internal struggles with data in multiple platforms, forcing users to access too many systems to efficiently accomplish tasks. CKC led the transition to the new platform. Our team performed data cleanup, verification and import of more than 1,000 opportunity, company and contact records within the planned 12-week schedule.

This successful implementation plan smoothly stayed on schedule and processed as followed:
1. Met with the firm’s leadership to determine objectives and needs for the system
2. Created value lists and structured the Cosential account
3. Discussed overview, processes and rules for the new system with key users
4. Data import included information from the company’s ACT system, Google Docs and mailing list spreadsheets
  • spent over 60 hours hand-verifying client data to ensure accuracy
  • imported more than 650 records within the requested deadline
  • client had usable information in the system just one month after the project start date
  • in addition to the initial deadline, 500 additional records were verified and imported

After finalizing the complete data import, CKC facilitated a full-system training for business development, marketing and the executive leadership personnel.

This successful 12-week implementation has continued with ongoing support including additional training, imports, data clean-up, migration, template creation, data entry and more.

Randy Avila, Director of Marketing, acted as the main point of contact during the project. When asked to share about his experiene with CKC and the CRM implementation he shared,

If you would like to implement a CRM, contact the CKC team today!

Daniel and Courtney at the office for leadership training.

Coloring on clients windows is the best!

Love the glass-wrapped building.

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